Establishing and Releasing Kings to TAKEOVER!

We invite you to the next level access to seek first the Kingdom of God!

This is first and foremost a spiritual relationship, that is leveraged by faith, enjoyed through honor and benefited by revelation.

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Prophet Dr. Darlene Y. Ponder, CKC, CKT

Prophet Dr. Darlene Ponder, CKC, CKT, is the founder of Kingdom Generation International, Inc. which is a Kingdom Based Ekklesia 501(c)3, and the goal is to change the world, socially, economically and spiritually by educating, teaching, coaching, imparting, gathering and developing business leaders, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, professionals, women, 5-fold leaders, Generation Y (Age 12-22) and the Next (Caleb) Generation into the Kingdom of God. She is also the founder of Women of His Kingdom, a subsidiary of Kingdom Generation International, who are also women of influence.

Prophet Darlene’s mandate is imparting how to “Live in the Kingdom” and that you too can have and live Heaven on Earth! She states, “It's not a religion or tradition, but knowing your role and your rights in the Kingdom of God.

Apostle Craig, Prophet Darlene and their Family, has been in both business and ministry successfully at the same time for over 32 years! They were ordained by one of the greatest Apostles of the 20th Century, Apostle John Eckhardt and his presbytery.

Apostle Dr. Craig A. Ponder Sr., Ph.D.

Dr. Ponder, is not only 

SUCCESSFUL ordained Apostle, he is also a Kingdomologist, Kingdom-Preneuer, an ACCOMPLISHED Entrepreneur for over 44 years, a Renowned Financial Expert, who holds 10 professional designations, two doctorate degrees and one is a Ph.D. He is also a John C. Maxwell Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer, Speaker, author, Wealth Strategist, Financial Educator and Business Expert, who is now pioneering, an “Accelerated School of Business, with a Biblical Worldview” in a method that is guaranteed to help God’s Sons and Daughters achieve real financial, personal and social success in a revolutionary way that has never been done before by any churchSenior PastordenominationChristian leaderNetwork Marketing OrganizationSeminaryBible College or previous generation.

The Ponder’s have recieved numerous prophetic words that “God has truly sent them to EQUIP and IDENTIFY the Next Generation of Leaders and TO DO SOMETHING WITHIN THEIR GENERATION THAT NO ONE ELSE HAS EVER DONE!

The other trait regarding The Ponder’s, is that their fruit is UNDENIABLE!

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Apostle Dr. Craig & Prophet Dr. Darlene with Apostle John Eckhardt.

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Dr. Ponder with John C. Maxwell

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Our son Craig Jr. with Daymond John