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Generational Wealth

interview wealth Jun 15, 2020

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Who Should You Be Listening To and Following?

Uncategorized Mar 11, 2020

No more movements and no more mixtures. 

Movements fade away, but his Kingdom is everlasting through your life and throughout the generations of your family's legacy. 

Do not follow people that advocate movements. Why? The Kingdom of God is not a movement. It's the only system, method and realm that Christ, God Almighty has established. 

God's only intention when He created and designed mankind was to extend the Kingdom of Heaven (the invisible world) to a visible world (called Earth). 

Now that He created a visible realm (Earth) with physical beings (you and I) He deliberately inserted a function, attitude and mindset inside of us to use, mold and leverage, called dominion (aka ownership). 

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The 5 Distinctions Of A Kingdom Leader


Where is The Church ( Gathering of) for Kings!
“The 5 Distinctions Of A Kingdom Leader”

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Living In The Perpetual!


We are living in a decade where we have to do everything that's unnecessary.

The Kingdom of God is perpetual! God doesn't give you a blueprint on how to live your life. He expects you to live by faith. He expects you move and operate in faith and doing the best you can.

I have a saying, "what you don't defeat, you're destined to repeat."

The three (3) parts of God lives within you, which is where your genius comes from. 

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